Outfit of the Day: Easter Outfit

I know Easter has ended but I wanted to display what I was wearing on Easter Sunday for church service. I decided that this year I wanted a light neutral look. The dress I was wearing in the photos above was from Dress Barn. As you can see, it has a nice green floral print which gives it an Easter-y look. With the color and style of the dress, I felt that the color of the shoes should be nude. The nude open-toes heels came from Call It Spring. Lastly, I topped it off with a fancy blazer/jacket under Macy’s brand, INC International Concepts. The outfit overall was definitely Easter material and gave me a classy sophisticated look.


How to Handle Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Bored Young Woman Stirring Coffee --- Image by © Vincent Mo/zefa/Corbis

© Vincent Mo/zefa/Corbis

Being a loner on Valentine’s Day can be dreary and less fun. Seeing couples on social media……not receiving flowers and candy….no significant other…..real bummer. However, it doesn’t have to be disappoiting….you can be your own valentine!! There’s no love better than self-love. If you really love yourself, you don’t need anyone to be your valentine.  So here are a few suggestions to handle being alone on Valentine’s Day.

Treat Yourself.

Instead of moping around and being depressed,  go out and spoil yourself. Go shopping….treat yourself to dinner…get a manicure or pedicure…do anything to make yourself happy.

Hang Out With Your Single Friends Or Go to a Singles Event.

If you have single friends, call them up and go for a girls’ night. Forget about romance or a guy. Hang out with your girls…go to a singles’ and speed dating event and mingle with other single people. A girls night is better than any romantic date on Valentine’s Day.

Avoid Social Media.

All you going to see on social media is couples expressing their love to one another.  You will see other women posting their gifts they received from their man and many couple photos. Also, try not to post hateful things about Valentines’s Day. It will make you look bitter and pathetic.  Try to stay from social media and do something constructive like read a book or cooking a meal!!




What I used to do instead of calling Valentine’s Day, I call it Single Awareness Day. Celebrate your single life and accept it!! At the end of the day, all you have is you. Valentine’s Day…..I mean Single Awareness Day can also be also be a day to celebrate your love for yourself.  There’s nothing wrong with being single on Valentine’s Day.





































My First Experience at a Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Last week, I participated as an intern/assistant for my mentor, Siria Alvarez at her photo shoot at Alchemical Studios in downtown Manhattan. Working behind the scenes was a great opportunity for me and it gave me a chance to observe what an actual photo shoot looks like.  The commute to NYC was so worth it, making me reconsider starting a career there.  My job at the shoot was to take behind the scenes photos and film some behind the scenes videos. The theme of the photo shoot was “Back 2 School: Lookbook.” I would like to thank my mentor Siria for giving me the opportunity to experience something that can help start my career in photography.  Some of the footage from behind the scenes are below. IMG_1535IMG_1548IMG_1555IMG_1562IMG_1569IMG_1574IMG_1595


My Top 5 Goals for 2018

In my last blog, I mentioned how more consistent I will be with blogging and photography this year. I also mentioned how 2018 will be filled with new blessings and new beginnings. There are three goals I want to accomplish this year and I’m not letting anything or anybody hold me back.  I’m going to start from the bottom of the list to the top.

5. Getting a Driver’s License


After years of taking the bus and cab, I think it’s time for me to get an automobile.  Majority of my money was going towards Metro cards, Uber, and local cabs. I took my permit almost three years ago and I have been procrastinating to take driving classes. However, this year puts an end to procrastination.  I’m going to start enrolling to a driving school and take those lessons.

4.  Going Back to The Gym


I have been struggling with my weight lately and eating junk food due to stress and depression. This year, I want to shed off some pounds and change my diet for the sake of my health. I will start off working out at home then get a membership at a gym nearby. I want to start going to the gym not only to lose weight but also to reduce stress. I want to feel more confident with my body and be more healthy this year. At one point, I’m also thinking about doing a detox and cleansing my body. I just want to live right, be healthy, and look for myself.

3.  Become More Consistent in Blogging and Photography 


Last year, I was on and off consistent with my photography work because of distractions. I wasn’t really into it because I was dealing with work and family issues.  There are days when I think about my Canon Rebel T5 camera collecting dust, I just feel ashamed.  Why did i say ashamed? It’s because I felt like I bought a very valuable camera for nothing and felt like maybe the photography was not for me. I love using my camera but I never had time to use it. This year, my camera is definitely going to be my best friend. Blogging is another thing I want to be stay steady with.  I want to be an inspiration for other young women there especially who can relate to the things I been through.  I’m also going start making more vlogs and inspirational videos and uploading them on my YouTube channel. Make sure you guys stay tuned!!

2. Traveling



One of the most amazing things I want to do this year is to travel around the world.  I feel like I need to explore and experience new things I have never experienced before in my life.  Going on a Caribbean cruise is definitely on my bucket list.  I already been to Jamaica but would love to return for a nice getaway, relaxing on a beach.  Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Barbados, and Turks and Caicos are next on my list. This summer, God willing, I will be exploring.


1. Having a Better Relationship with God



The most important thing I want to focusing on this year is being closer to God. I feel like my mindset and my life would be more positive if I communicate more with Him. I attend church  almost every Sunday but have not really taking some time to meditate and pray. I also want to start reading the bible more and starting my day reading a scripture. God has been pouring down so many blessings on me and I thank Him. I just want to stay positive and trust God.

With these goals soon to be accomplished, 2018 will be a very awesome year!!!!



New Year, New Beginnings!!!!




Happy 2018, everyone!! I know it’s been a while since I posted my last blog and I promised myself that I will return to blogging for the start of this year.  For this year, I am trying to stay on a more positive path. I am not going to say “New year, new me” because it should not have to take a new year to change yourself. It should be whenever you ready to change; you cannot just change overnight. That being said, I’m expecting new blessings and new beginnings which can lead me to change my mindset and help me stay positve. 2018 will be my breakthrough year and you will expect more blogs, Youtube videos, and photography work. Throughout this year, watch me evolve!! This is a start of a new journey. Stay blessed!!

My first experience at the Social Media Photography Workshop

This past Friday, I attended the Photo Workshop Happy Hour in Harlem, Ny which was hosted and instructed by Siria Alverez (the woman who posed with me in the second top photo.) The workshop was a huge success and it is worth returning to.  I learned more about photography and how to use it to make my social media pages more appealing. Siri spoke about creating relationships and connect with customers and increasing brand awareness.  I also learn about some aspects of phtography such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO.  She also taught us how to use natural lighting instead of flash because using flash can cause your phtos to be overexposed.


My favorite part of the workshop was when Siri made us do an activity in which we use props and take photos with our smartphones, using natural lighting. You can see in the photos above. This was a veryfun exerience and helped improved my photography skills.


Attending the workshop was an awesome experience for me. Everything I learned really helped and inspired me to really build up my clout and audience on Instagram page. I would definitely come back to this workshop. If anybody needs to improve their photography and social media pages, this is the workshop to go to.


My scenic trip to Pelham

Yesterday i decided to do a scenery walk to Pelham, NY which is close to where i reside. I decided to bring my camera so i can take some photos of some of best scenic spots in Pelham. The best one i think i took is the one with gazebo in the park. I admire the trees and flowers surrounding the gazebo, giving it a whole garden look. Pelham is one of favorite spots to hang out because its very peaceful and have very small parks where you can relax at.